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    Spesh[Solar],The Cyanic Lightning.


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    Spesh[Solar],The Cyanic Lightning.

    Post by DarkMonster on Wed May 15, 2013 12:51 pm




    Cyan Energy
    Spesh has an cyan colored energy,it is an hot energy which makes him buff.
    Also it is commonly see in Electric form.

    Unnatural Strength
    This is normally gotten from his origin or in his tribe.
    The Blues
    His tribe are called The Blues and they cooperating each other whether what happens.

    Solid objects
    Sometimes his ability can't break a Huge objects easily.
    Not so Strong defense
    Since his attacks are extremely strong,but his defense is not covered in that ability.
    The Reds
    The Blues has enemy too and they were called "The Reds",they can fight easily the Blues.

    Story,Written by J.Christian:
    Since Birth,Spesh has an rival named "Blaze".
    Blaze is in "The Reds" while Spesh is in "The Blues",who has an anger with The Reds.Spesh fighting with Blaze daily and doesn't leave a day without fighting Blaze,Like Spesh,Blaze fighting with him too everyday.

    Let it start
    Until they grown and turn in right age,which they mastered their own ability,Cyan energy for Spesh while Blazing Flame for Blaze.While Blaze and Spesh learning it when they where a kid,Disaster split them up,because of that Spesh take a sudden sadness because of a sudden lost of enemy.Besides from that he finding an new rival to reborn his fighting spirit.A couple of years come but Spesh doesn't founded an new enemy but his hope are still alive,until One day,he saw a blazing flame towards to his tribe and recognize it,it was from blaze who learned how to use his ability,also in that day Spesh felt an electric shock.
    *The time stop awhile.*
    "W-Wh-What is this!?"~Spesh
    *The time continued*
    Blaze fought all the Blues and beat 50% of them,while Spesh still in Shock.
    *Scream Loudly*~Spesh
    Blaze look at Spesh and smile widely.Spesh make an Awesome Shock-wave that wipes out the trash and junk there.
    After the shock-wave,all the people even enemy claps at him,Because of that Spesh takes another shame and quit,after he quit he say something w/blaze and says secretly in their style "Lets go to the cliff near at the mountain and ill beat you up." Blaze just bow his head and go.

    Conversation instead of Fighting!?
    Well Spesh just ask him for an Conversation instead of fighting,
    "Are you a Gay?"~Spesh ask
    "F*** you!"~Blaze says then quickly punch Spesh.
    Spesh dodges his punches and catch the last punch,after catching he said what to say about his tribe and their about an peace message.
    After listening Blaze doesn't agree and continue the war.

    Now Their war still ongoing lol.
    -The End
    First Demo.
    (In my bro's DA Account lol)

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    Re: Spesh[Solar],The Cyanic Lightning.

    Post by J.Christian on Wed May 15, 2013 12:52 pm

    Ok Its up men Very Happy


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    Re: Spesh[Solar],The Cyanic Lightning.

    Post by DarkMonster on Thu May 16, 2013 5:57 am

    Thanks for assisting me in my page.


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    Re: Spesh[Solar],The Cyanic Lightning.

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