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    Creating a Guild.


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    Creating a Guild. Empty Creating a Guild.

    Post by Oliver on Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:36 am

    Creating a Dream Guild.

    Here, you need to follow the rules of making and creating a dream clan.


    -Creating a Dream Clan should have 8 members.
    -Your Dream Clan must have these sections.
    ~Clan Banner
    ~Clan Members
    ~Clan Speciality
    ~Clan Motto
    ~Clan Events (Optional)
    ~Clan Honorary Members (Optional, Honorary Members are just honored one and not a member of a clan)

    You can add more on your clan! As soon you follow the requirements.


    -You must follow the requirements. If not, your clan could be binned.
    -Your character must have only 1 clan.
    -You cannot make another clan if you already have a clan.
    -Your thread can have musics, pictures even swf.

    Gladiator War

    Clan Wars are different system to Clan Battle.
    Clan Wars consist of 8v8 battle and a bracket.
    If your member lost in a battle, One must defeat it, until none of them survive.
    You can surrender on a clan war.
    Your Clan war must have a due date. Violating this rule may make your clan unWARable.

    For more information about Clans and other reference to clans.
    ~PM me, a mod, or an admin.

    Creating a Guild. HatsuneSig

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