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    .Alz Trading Rules


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    .Alz Trading Rules Empty .Alz Trading Rules

    Post by Oliver on Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:26 am

    .Alz Trading

    Please read before you request a trading of .Alz in your account to another.

    -You must have the correct .alz to trade. Not over your max Alz.
    -You must have correct account names.
    -Your thread name must be : Alz Trade [*yourname* to *toyourtrader*]
    -Violating these rules may cause your membership in the Forums.
    -Follow the steps of making the thread below :
    Title : See Rule no.3
    Description :

    *Your Name* Trade Alz *To Your Trader*
    Amount : *Amount of Alz*
    Date : *Date of Trading*
    *Comment* (Optional)

    Happy Trading!

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