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    How To Post A Pivot Animation

    Jobet Aguirre
    Jobet Aguirre

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    How To Post A Pivot Animation

    Post by Jobet Aguirre on Wed Apr 03, 2013 7:41 am

    How To Post A Pivot Animation

    -it must be PIVOT not other programs
    -If you stole an animation , ban awaits you
    -make your animation longer so they can CnC It easier
    -it must have no nudity , and no badwords
    -you must have evidence of your animation
    -dont spam on the thread of other people ( even you)
    -dont bump and bump (results is a ban)

    Where To Get Pivot ?

    new tomaking animations ? then use pivot! it's compatible with mac and pc , IDK with linux
    it's free! ,

    Sticks to download? Here :

    Enjoy animating!

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