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    How To Make Your Collab Successful?


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    How To Make Your Collab Successful? Empty How To Make Your Collab Successful?

    Post by Omnitr0N on Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:09 pm

    Back in Stickpage, I saw unsuccessful collabs for they have nonparticipating participants, taken idea, etc. Here, I have some guides on how to make a great, fun and successful collab. alien I haven't hosted many collabs back then but I know much about making it successful and worth animating and joining. rabbit

    Alright, we start for your ideas. Are they interesting? Are they fun to animate? Are they taken? These are the questions you have to put in your mind before making a good collab. If your ideas are taken, not interesting, it won't be catchy to other's eyes. Make a worth animating collab. Let us have an example of a very successful collab... Pluto's "The Doors" series. It was so successful, it even became a trilogy! Try to remember the three questions I stated above. Is the idea of Pluto interesting? Is it fun participating in that collab? Is the idea taken that time? They're all yes. Try to keep in mind what I said above.

    Next is about how you treat your participants, how they follow the instructions, the requirements. If you treat your participants like shit, what reason would they even animate and participate to your collab? If you even underestimated his part and said "It sucks. MAKE ANOTHER ONE!" Try to be nice to the one participating to your collab. You should be thankful, without them, you have no collaboration. If you think the part he sent is not that good, try saying "Uhh, bro. Could you make a new one? It's not bad, could be better." And make sure they're following the instructions you gave them. If your collab is a "no angle" thing and one part has angles, you could either decline the part or ask the participant to make a new one. Remember, disobeyed instruction would destroy the flow of your collab...

    Lastly is, when is the due date? Is it a right time to make a collab? Are the people available? A due date is important in every collab. For example, the collab started this day and all parts must be passed in May 4, make sure you all have the parts. If it's too few, it is because some participants are not available to make an entry. Is it a good timing to make a collab? If many people are working on their big projects, it's not the time, my friend. Host a collab and invite your friends. If they're busy for their big project, move it to when many people are available, free from big projects and not busy with their personal life.

    Best regards and happy hosting! lol!

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