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    [First Location] Scheddia


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    [First Location] Scheddia Empty [First Location] Scheddia

    Post by Oliver on Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:52 am

    The starting point of the game.

    What is behind Scheddia? And the legend of its foretold.

    Scheddia was a small village that was managed by the townspeople called Scheddens. They got the most best crops in the whole Aludia. When the place takes change of a mayor, One have seated who is more likely selfish to moneys and careless to its own town. Scheddia gone darker and townspeople try to scatter around and find a good place where the mayor won't take all of their money and goods. But that mayor was just part of a plan of the Evil Gods, enslaved by the mark and corrupted by darkness. Darkness spreads, Scheddia falls to darkness and their best selling crops made the whole world a surprise downrate of their universal crops. Scheddia has less trees, more bodies of water (Rivers) and less trees to be seen. Its a bit mountainous type of a terrain. Enemies are just weak and just like a beginner place. Peoples live in Scheddia are most likely Russians type and mobs around are russian-named. (In Scheddia, Crops flip Peoples!)

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